Wiivv Insole Features

Insoles. They may seem boring, but they can greatly improve the comfort of your shoes. They add support to your feet, and can help when standing for long periods of time. There’s just one problem: insoles are… generic. They’re not catered to your feet, and they just may not work for you.

Living In a World of Custom

The solution to this problem is clear: custom insoles. Unfortunately, there are still issues. Custom orthotics are expensive – $150 or more. In addition, there is an annoying process to getting them made, and they normally just hard, uncomfortable plastic. There must be a better way!

Introducing Wiivv

Wiivv (pronounced “weave”) is a company that makes custom, 3D-printed insoles for your shoes. Wiivv uses some crazy cool technology to print your custom insoles. You might think there’s a complicated process to making sure they fit your feet, but it’s actually really simple. Wiivv has an app for iOS and Android that you use to get your insoles made. It fits the insoles to your feet by having you take pictures of the top of your feet, and the sides (to see your arches). Yes, that’s right. They custom make insoles from pictures. You’re skeptical, right? I know I was. Wiivv gave me a promo code so I could try it out for myself. I went through the easy, step-by-step guide in the app, and within 7 days, my custom insoles showed up in the mail.

Wiivv Insole Features (2)They Are Awesome

To my surprise, the insoles fit me perfectly! I wasn’t asked for my shoe size or anything, so I wasn’t sure if they would fit well. They work perfect. They’re customized with my name on both sides, and they even let you pick the design of the front, as well as the color of the back.

Here’s my favorite part: the insoles are made to work with the insoles already in your shoes. Just pop the Wiivv insoles on top, and you’re good to go. No removing the factory insoles. Even better, no cutting the factory insoles (some orthotics require you to actually cut the factory insoles, permanently ruining the pair of shoes).

They’re Affordable

You can get the amazing experience of the insoles for just $80. While these aren’t the cheapest, they’re certainly reasonably priced for a custom product.

“What If I Don’t Like Them?”Wiivv Insole Features (3)

One concern I’ve heard from a few people is: “What if I don’t like the insoles? What if they’re uncomfortable? Can I return them? Will they re-make them?” I reached out to the company, and here is what they said: “We have a 30-day guarantee on comfort and manufacturing defect. If they feel weird or are uncomfortable, let us know by contacting [email protected] and we will take care of it! We start by getting our biomechanical team member to review and see if there is a better way to use your arch photos and print a new pair. If they are still not right, we will ask you to retake your photos. So it really depends on the situation! But we will work with you to make sure they are perfect.”

Wiiv has made it clear that they aren’t afraid to re-print your insoles if you’re not totally satisfied. I can tell you that I don’t think you’ll run into a problem, though, as mine came perfect the first time.


Wiivv makes the best custom insoles I’ve ever experienced. It’s truly a 5-star product, and that’s really saying something. I don’t just hand out 5-star reviews. The company has to be exceptional. Wiivv more than exceeds my expectations, and I can happily recommend them to anyone!

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For the full, in-depth video review, please see the video below.

Kevin Nether