The Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 both got announced with an “Active” / “Always On” display and even though we might hate to admit it, we’d like some of that goodness on our current smartphones. AcDisplay has come to redeem our UI wishes.

AcDisplay, which admittedly has been around for a while, tries to bring in the feel of the “Always On” display without the need for rooting or modifying your current device. The application not only allows the user to customize certain aspects of the display, but also provides additional functionality such as: prioritizing notifications, blacklisting certain applications from access, and pinning shortcuts to the corner of the display.

It is remarkable how a very simple application can change the way you are able to access notifications on your phone as you can see below. AcDisplay is free to download from here and in my opinion performs much better than its stock competitors.


Vaibhav Pradip
Vaibhav is a full-time university student, who has just enough time to explore a hobby in technology. As an Android user over the past years, he developed an interest in Android modification and rejects anything Apple. He aims to cover the most interesting breakthroughs in technology either in written or video form. His written views can be found here, but if you’re looking for more flavor, YouTube is where you will get it. Going by the alias ‘JCVP11‘, he aims to produce professional quality video content with just the right amount of personality and humor, although the professional part is a bit debatable… for now.