With processing power becoming a priority for both general consumers and specialists, computer manufacturers strive to produce the best with available resources challenging their competition in the process. Acer’s newest Predator G6 desktop is the company’s latest attempt at a top of the line computer capable of 4K grade gaming and resource hungry usage.


Appearance wise, the Predator G6 is more than satisfactory. The LED lights wrap around the case coinciding with the predator like scales at the front of the casing. It is here that all connectivity and media components are found including an optical media drive, SD card reader, headphone and microphone jacks and 2 USB 3.0 ports. In somewhat a surprise inclusion, there is also an headset cradle found for when you’re done with intense gaming sessions. But unsurprisingly, the sides only feature subtle Predator branding with the back coming off as very basic compared to the $1500 build and its LED I/O plate.


The scale-like appearance of the computing device opens up at certain places, allowing access to its internals. In addition to optical Blu-Ray drive and expansion bay on the front, the slightly dated albeit powerful NVIDIA GTX980 4GB graphic card is visible through the venting not only for subtle green accents but also for better cooling of the machine. Powering the machine is an Intel Core i7 6700k clocked at 4.0GHz capable of being overclocked up to 4.2GHz alongside 16GB of DDR4 RAM expandable also up to 64GB. For storage, there’s not only a 256GB SSD present for the operating system but also an additional 2TB on the 7200HD for data. In its full glory, the Predator comes in at 34.4 pounds but that isn’t really an area of concern.


Raw power aside, there are a number of things that set the machine apart from any other. The Turbo button found on the front allows for instant overclocking with the help of Acer’s Predator Sense software. When in process, the lights around the button pulsate until the system is overclocked at which the lights glow a constant red. Despite the option to overclock via the system BIOS, this is a neat addition for people new to the scenario. The software allows for overclocking of the CPU upto 4.5GHz, ideal for when more power is required. Combining this with Acer’s Ice Tunnel Cooling, the machine does not show any signs of excessive heating especially because the multiple air intakes from both the front and sides of the PC work very efficiently.


To emphasize on its performance, below are some of the FPS readings the PC achieved in each game’s maximum settings with the CPU overclocked to its maximum of 4.5GHz:

Game at Maximum Settings FPS at 1080p Resolution (Avg) FPS at 1440p Resolution (Avg)
Evolve 56 40
The Division (In-Game Benchmark) 55 31
Dirt Rally 91 51

For a more visual depiction, the games’ performance can also been seen through the playlist below as always:

There is enough power in Acer’s Predator G6 to run a variety of games and the experience is made finer with its implementation of Creative Sound software. The audio control profile not only allows for various default profiles and color themes but also includes specific ones for gaming such as “Scout Mode” for hearing footsteps in game easier and “Voice FX” to mask one’s voice during chat.


Packing some great internals with a very well built body, the Acer G6 is a machine that is fit for many looking for good performance with a definite eye catching appeal. The included feature to boost the CPU adds to the convenience of the experience along with a few nice touches for gaming enthusiasts making it a suitable option even for new PC users but the slightly dated specifications mean that newer machines from Acer may provide a better bang for the buck.

Kevin Nether