The Problem

With digital files becoming more and more relevant, we’ve all lost a file at some point. Whether it’s an accidental deletion, file corruption, hard drive failure, or natural disaster, there are plenty of ways to let crucial files slip away. Perhaps you haven’t backed up you computer because you don’t want to have to manage copying data to an external drive, and who wants to fumble with complicated software? Fear not, a solution is here.


The Solution

The fix is BackBlaze. BackBlaze is a backup software that costs just $5 per month (or $50 per year). BackBlaze has several amazing features – included unlimited – yes, unlimited – storage, external drive support, free web restore, and the ability to have your files mailed to you via external hard drive. The interface is super easy to use as well. Set it up once, and you’re done. There’s no need to remember to press the “backup” button every so often – BackBlaze runs continuously in the background, offering 24/7, automatic protection. It also features file versioning, so if you accidentally save over a file and desire to access the previous version, you can do that!


The upload process is easy. BackBlaze runs silently in the background and takes care of that for you. Restoring is just as easy. Using their web panel, you request the files you want, then in a few minutes you receive an email containing a ZIP file of the files you requested. Alternatively, BackBlaze can send you a hard drive pre-loaded with your files on it for a fee. If you don’t have fast internet, you can also opt to have BackBlaze send the hard drive, and as long as you return it (in the same condition) within 30 days, you do not have to pay for it.

But Unlimited Doesn’t Mean Totally Unlimited

BackBlaze offers “unlimited” storage, but this comes with a few limits. First, you must have the local storage for them to offer it. Really, it’s not “unlimited” storage, it’s matching the storage you have. For example, if you have 100GB of files, BackBlaze will back them up – if you have 2TB of files, then it will back them up. However, you cannot store files on BackBlaze without also having them on your local drive. In other words, BackBlaze is not a replacement for cloud storage (such as Dropbox or Google Drive).

No, You Are Not The Exception

If you’re like me a few months ago, you probably have been putting off backing up your computer because you’ve never had a problem. You’ve never lost a file, your hard drives have never crashed, and your house hasn’t burned down – so why back up your stuff? Because you’re not the exception, and no one is. Why are you going to wait until it’s too late? Seriously, it’s only $5 per month – a very small price to pay for file insurance. All hard drives will fail, and they don’t have an expiration date. It could happen at any time. In fact, BackBlaze is one of the leading providers of statistics on hard drives and how often they fail
. With that being said, at least give the BackBlaze trial a spin and see what you think!

Kevin Nether