I can confidently say that I’m a BattleField vet. I can go on and say that I’ve played BattleField longer than most people. Back in distant year of 2002, a young 15 year old Kevin on summer vacation sitting in his dad’s basement with his friend Steve, heard about a new game coming out called “BattleField”. At this time, we were huge Delta Force players, and hearing the rumors of tanks, planes, and automobiles was so out of this world that we had to give it a go.

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The game was due to come out late June, however a leaked BETA was released on a website not to be named.. We illegally downloaded it, and gave it an install. We were blown away by what we could do, and how much control we had. Albeit, no bots, or anyone to go against, it was amazing hopping into a plane and flying around, or even driving a frickin’ boat.

Let’s fast forward to the present. I’m now 29 years old and I’ve never been this excited for a game release. Honestly, neither BattleField nor any other game in general has peaked my interest in the last five years. They have all felt the same, and very vanilla like. Even the newer titles like Hardline and also StarWars felt distant from my BattlField. BattleField is played best on PC, and that’s a fact. I just built a new PC that should be able to tackle the game head on.

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Enter BattleField One. This game takes me back to the old BattleField. I feel whole again. Although this is only the BETA, I feel like I’m 15 years old again. This game feels gritty and requires skill to use the weapons. Conquest is the game mode of choice again, instead of the run ‘n gun friendly RUSH mode. I’m so excited for the full version, I just had to write an article to talk about it.

Check out some of the random game-play clips. Turn up the volume, and lose your self in this amazing game-play:

I’m on the BattleField waiting to reach land on October 21, 2016. Pre order for the expected goodies. What about you? Sound off down below.

Kevin Nether