A couple months ago, Kevin started a new series entitled BBCB (which stands for Best Budget Computer Build). In this series, Kevin gifts you a virtual $1000 and has you create the best gaming PC that you can using parts from B&H Photo. After a month of submissions, the winning build came from Adam Ahern with his build called Evora.

Evora is comprised of the following parts: NZXT S340 (case), Intel i5-6600K (processor), MSI Geforce GTX 970 (GPU), MSI H170 (motherboard), Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (cooler), Samsung 250GB 850 EVO (storage), Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB DDR4 (RAM), and Corsair C600 (power supply). Not a bad mix of components when looking at the budget. As far as the peripherals (which weren’t included in the budget/requirements) we’re looking at Corsair keyboard and mouse package, and a LG 34” ultrawide monitor.

So with all the pieces delivered and built, looking nice on the desk, the next thing that was needed to find out was how it performs. Kevin played three games at various settings and recorded the frame rates that were listed: Battlefield 4, The Witcher 3, and Just Cause 3. The display settings range from: Ultra QHD, High QHD, Medium QHD, Ultra HD, High HD, and Medium HD — from highest to lowest, respectively.

Battlefield was tested extensively, seeing that it’s what Kevin plays the most. The frame rates from low intensity scenes to high intensity scenes had the following ranges: 32-48 (UQHD), 70-90 (HQHD), 90-120 (MQHD), 86-101 (UHD), 105-130 (HHD), and 133-156 (MHD). Having these performance results, Kevin settled on playing Battlefield on ‘High’ in QHD, because having 4K resolution trumps having a slightly higher frame rate. The other games hovered around the same numbers, with Just Cause 3 being the most taxing, performance-wise, in QHD, and The Witch 3 being the most taxing in HD.

That wraps up the first BBCB episode! We’d like to hear your thoughts about this first build in the series.  If you want to check out the parts used in this build and maybe build it yourself, check the links underneath the video. Also, make sure you’re following Kevin to see when BBCB #2 is posted so that you can send in your build parts’ list, and check out the video below for some more visual stimulation of Evora.

Parts: B&H Photo (most parts) | RAM | Corsair

Kevin Nether