Let’s face it, the earbud market is a mess. If you search “earbuds” on Amazon, you will get a TON of results. With so many earbuds on the market, it can be hard
to pin point the best option. Especially with so many knock offs, it can be easy to purchase crappy earbuds. I’ve looked at three different sets of wireless Bluetooth earbuds under $20, but the Vomelon Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are definitely the best.

Included in the Package

In the box, you get the earbuds, some extra tips, a small drawstring bag for storage, a tiny manual, and the world’s shortest Micro USB cable.

613geEc1VlL._SL1500_Build Quality

Starting off with the build quality, these Vomelon earbuds sport an all plastic build. They are slightly clunky, but exactly what I would expect for the price tag. The earbuds claim to be sweatproof, and my testing proved that to be correct. The earbuds are mostly comfortable but can get slightly uncomfortable at times. The wire is nice and long, so you can adjust earbuds to fit for you. The earbuds feature a multipurpose button for power on/off, pairing mode, play/pause, and accepting calls. The earbuds also have volume up/down buttons, and a Micro USB port for charging.

Sound Quality71pTQL5v0hL._SL1500_

Let’s get to the most important part of any earbud review.. sound quality! These earbuds legitimately blew my mind for $20. They are super crisp and clear, while also offering booming bass. Every other pair of $20 wireless earbuds I’ve tried has been extremely muddy, with a flat EQ. These give some serious heft for only $20.

Bluetooth Connection Strength

While it is often overlooked, Bluetooth connection strength is an important part of any wireless earbud review. This is where the Volemon Earbuds fall short. During my testing, the earbuds would skip every now and then, which is expected with Bluetooth. There were a few scenarios (when I was doing yard work) where the earbuds skipped unacceptably, to the point of actually powering off by themselves. This is disappointing as there were several scenarios where I had to switch to wired headphones.

Battery Life

The battery life on these earbuds has been great. I’ve used them for several hours without having to charge them once.

Who Are These Earbuds For?

To tie it up, these earbuds are for people who want convenience, high quality sound, and are on a budget. While they aren’t the most reliable and will definitely skip at times, the Vomelon Wireless Earbuds pack a serious punch for the price tag.

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Kevin Nether