If you like music as much as I do, then you know that having a good source of good quality audio is important. I have compiled a list of three bluetooth speakers that deliver amazing audio quality.

The first bluetooth speaker is from a company known as Divoom and its called the Aura Box. Now this one is one of the most unique speakers I’ve seen, it has an LED panel on the front and the speaker on the back. The LED panel is able to be customized which is super cool and although the speaker is on the back, it delivers great audio quality.

The next bluetooth speaker is from a company known as Spracht. This speaker delivers excellent audio quality and it comes in a nice portable form factor, and it is easy to take with you by throwing it in your backpack or luggage without taking too much space. It may not have all the bells and whistles the Aura Box offers, but it delivers solid audio.

The last bluetooth speaker on my list is from a company known as Easy Acc. This one is the most portable speaker on this list, so if you are a person who packs light and travels a lot, this  may be the option for you. It is high quality and doesn’t feel cheap in any way, it has a solid build and solid weight. This speaker delivers comparable sound quality to the other speakers on this list.

I hope this helped you music lovers out there! Stay tuned to the site for more tech coverage and content!


Kevin Nether