In this day and age, listening to music in public has become a norm. Whether its at a small get together, at a beach or just in your bathroom. The advancement in portable technology allows listeners to carry a portable speaker, but there are so many to choose from.


Comiso is a company that manufactures some of the best sounding and looking portable speakers at the price point. The C26 is their slightly bigger offering, which retails for around $40. Its sound quality is great at 10W with all the necessary controls easily reachable at the back. At times, the bass heavy and loud music makes the device slide across the surface, but it delivers a great listening experience nonetheless. Most of the time, the music remains distortion free with slight peaking when listening to EDM music. With it being splash and shock resistant, the speaker is ideal for all situations and may even come in handy with its in-built flashlight. In terms of battery life, a full charge takes around five hours, delivering a music experience of close to eleven hours.

The smaller C9 retails for just $13 but this too packs quite a punch. It is built well and has an IP67 dust and water resistance rating just like its bigger brother. The smaller 5W speaker is slightly less powerful and music played may sound a bit tinny, however it is impressive for the price. The speaker is definitely enough to fill a small room, a washroom or a dorm room for students. Providing six to eight hours of battery life on single charge, the C9 too is not a disappointment.

Both speakers also provide a microphone for taking calls however they may not be advisable to take calls especially in louder environments. Nonetheless, the slight flaw does not take away the positives from both the Comiso C9 and C26 and they are a great buy for anyone looking for an affordable way to listen to quality music.


Kevin Nether