Following their announcements at Computex 2015 and demonstrations at CES this year, Corsair have finally made their Bulldog and Lapdog available to the public. The Bulldog is a 4K PC that can be used in the living room for watching videos and playing games among other things. The Lapdog on the other hand acts as a wireless control center having a mouse and keyboard to connect with the Bulldog or any other computer. With the comfort of the Lapdog paired with the Bulldog, your living room could become the hub for gaming.

The Corsair Bulldog is a liquid cooled PC that allows for 4K consumption of media. Its sleek form factor rivals that of consoles packing high end specifications at the same time. The Bulldog by itself comes in a kit or a series of configured systems only available via select retailers. Included in the kit is an Intel Z170 mini-ITX motherboard, a Corsair SF600 power supply and a Corsair H5SF liquid cooler. The CPU, graphics card, storage and memory are up to the consumer to decide. The kit comes in at a considerable price tag of $399 with configuration prices changing depending on the choices a consumer makes. You can tinker around on Corsair’s website for what suits you the best here.

The Lapdog enables the user to mount a Corsair keyboard and use any mouse. Even though it is built well using anodized and brushed aluminium, it keeps comfort at a priority featuring memory foam on the underside when placed on a lap. Its weight at 2.63 kilograms is not an issue, and supports both Corsair’s K65 and K70 keyboard with no problem. A built-in locking mechanism is also provided so that the keyboard does not slide while in use. The mouse-pad alongside is also good in terms of quality offering precise movement. Peripherals such as USB headsets, mice and keyboards can be connected to the Lapdog’s 4 hidden USB 3.0 ports. Selling for $119.99, you can check the Lapdog out here.

Peripherals from Corsair always try to innovate and these products are no short of innovation. Corsair aims to bring true PC grade gaming to the living room with the help of these products and while they seem to hold a lot of promise, only time will tell how successful they become.