The Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has some nice and loud, tactile keys. Kevin really enjoys the keys on this keyboard, but if you are not a fan of loud keys like the ones this keyboard has, Corsair makes a silent edition which is 30% quieter than the ones you are hearing in his review.


This keyboard has multi color back-lit keys, meaning there is one back light for every key. This can lead to some cool looking configurations. The keyboard Kevin is using in this video is the cherry MX brown switches, which is pretty clicky and precise — they also have cherry blue and red options.

The keyboard has a pretty standard look to it, there are some media controls which can be accessed using function keys, there is also a soft wrist rest, which Kevin used when typing and gaming. The key caps are textured so that each finger can find each key pretty easily, and it allows for a solid press. On the front of the keyboard there is a USB port as well, this way you can hide your mouse dongle or put your USB drive in there.

Under each key is it’s own independent light, this allows you to program individual lighting effects on keys, or program all the keys together. Kevin’s favorite is the paceman one. You can also use cue technology so if you have other Corsair peripherals, they can be in sync.


This is Kevin’s first mechanical keyboard and he really enjoys it. If you would like to buy one for yourself, click here. Also be sure to check the video below for his take on the Corsair Strafe keyboard.

Kevin Nether