There have been multiple drones released up until now, whether it is small ones which you can have fun with or ones that are for professional use such as video recording. Recently, drones released by DJI, such as the Phantom 4, have had support for a special feature. That feature is that the drone follows you through the signal of the controller. However it comes in at a price of $1,300, but now there’s a company that trying to overtake the market of drones by creating a drone that follows you wherever you go, accordingly “precisely”. The reason for why they may take over the market is that this drone comes in at a bit lower than $500. It is called the Orbit.

The Orbit, created by Skye Intelligence, is the first drone that precisely follows you, using a tracker that you put on your arm. This is great as you don’t have to hold the controller in order for the drone to follow you. The design of the drone seems well thought, with four propellers and lights on the drone to make it look even better. There is a camera on the drone which can capture 1080P videos, which is obviously not 4K, but that is expected if you look at the price of this drone compared to a 4K drone.

There is also a proposed app to come with the drone that allows you to view the videos made with the drone and to share the videos straight away. This app also allows you to control the drone straight from your video and view the video from the camera. The battery life of the drone is great as it comes with a 5100mAh battery, which will last you 22 minutes in the air which is how long you would usually find people using drones, but it can also be swapped so you can have spare batteries, even if the power is low on your current battery.

It seems to be an amazing drone. This drone has reached its pledge amount on Kickstarter and so is likely to release sometime soon. They have trialed the drone by creating 250 units which they have tested to see that it works. If you have backed up this Kickstarter, then expect to receive units of the Orbit itself. Check out the video below created by Skye Intelligence to see the drone in action. Would you get one once it is released?