Carpooling is an efficient and environmentally friendly way of getting to work. It makes the commute less boring (because you get to brave the traffic with other people) and it can save you money overall. Lyft, the popular ride service app, has caught onto the fact that carpooling is still a major part of a working person’s life.

Lyft has recently announced a new addition to their ride services. They’re calling it Lyft Carpool and it’s designed to make you money simply by carpooling. Lyft advertises that you could make up to $400 a month by using Lyft Carpool — according to their updated website you can make up to $10 a ride without having to switch up your route or anything.


Lyft Carpool is initially going to be launching in the Bay Area (California, where all startups live and die) but they have plans to extend this service to other places in the future. Check out Lyft’s website here to sign up for updates. Will you be commuting with Lyft Carpool?

Christina Cooper
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