The time has come to take a seat and take a look at the latest and greatest that Samsung has to offer, the Galaxy S7 Edge. Thanks to T-Mobile, some customers have had their phone’s for a while, while no other carrier has shipped their orders yet — Sorry Big Red followers. Having this phone for the past week, Kevin hasn’t let it leave his hand, and after create many other videos about the S7 Edge and putting it through its paces, we finally see his Galaxy S7 Edge review.


The first thing that happens when you get the S7 is, well, you look at it. You’d be hard-pressed to call the Galaxy S7 Edge ugly, and Kevin goes over that. All the external aspect of the phone, from the new Gorilla glass on the back to the in-hand feel to the layout compared to previous generations, are first on the list in this S7 Edge review. Remember though that Kevin has owned a LOT of Samsung flagships, for a reason.

Don’t worry though, there is no ‘fanboyism’ here, as along with praises, the Tech Ninja also talks about Sammy’s faults with the S7 Edge and what he’d like changed — if he was product manager that is.


The next step in the review is to cover all the internal specs of the S7 Edge and of course talk about how they come into play in creating the ‘fastest phone on the market’. The S7 Edge is the 5.5” big brother to the 5.1 S7, besides that they share the same specs. The same Quad HD SAmoled display, the same 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, and the same Exynos/Qualcomm processor. Besides the size the other place where the phones differ is the extra 600mAh battery capacity that the Edge has, which helped Kevin choose the Edge over the S7.


Next up is software, and we all know that Samsung usually has a bad rap with Touchwiz and their other software additions — not as much with last year’s flagships. While not ruining the video that Kevin has setup, let’s just say that this year’s UI is on the con side of his S7 Edge list. Now even though most of the software and UI isn’t what would be chosen to be used on the S7 Edge, Samsung included a lot of additional features that really adds to the experience. Features like Samsung Pay, Window Mode, and the Edge screen all give the phone a bonus in the software side — and you can still use them if you enable a different launcher.


Now’s time to talk about the camera, which has lately been put into it’s own category for smartphones, and that’s saying a lot. Now what goes without saying is that the S7 Edge has a great, amazing, detailed camera. Coming from last years S6 Edge “Best on the market” camera, that’s to be expected. notable subject around the camera include: low-light shots, pro-modes, and the autofocus detail and speed, be sure to listen for that in the video.

Lastly, performance is definitely something to talk about. What’s the point in having all these features in a beautiful package, and have it not deliver? Not to worry though, the S7 Edge’s performance is definitely on the ‘pro’ side of things, and is not something that will disappoint. Kevin talks gaming and lag, two of the most important areas that may have been at fault in last years flagships.


Overall, I bet you can go ahead and conclude how Kevin feels about the Galaxy S7 Edge. To get all the details and the nitpicky area’s of his mind, be sure to watch the video below. After you’re down comment down below and let us know what you think of the first half of Samsung’s 2016 flagships.

Kevin Nether