It is today that we have received a few pictures of what seems like the Samsung Gear Fit 2, the successor to the Gear Fit. The Gear Fit was a smart device released with the Gear S2, which was able to track your fitness and how healthy you are. It seems that next month, we will be seeing the successor to the Gear Fit and we have already received leaks with pictures of the Gear Fit 2 in action.


The image that we can see stated above seems convincing to be a device that Samsung would release and we could expect it sometime next month. This could be an advertisement that Samsung could have wanted to use but now it has been leaked and although there are no features stated on the image directly, it seems that the device itself boasts a band made of rubber material and a curved display, which could further enforce a water-resistant design just as with the Gear Fit, so that it can be used in any weather. There also seems to be two buttons on the right side of the device, which is presumably to control the device itself.

Not only that, but from the pictures, we are also aware of what the UI on the new design could look like. The UI seems to be finally viewed vertically, which is a big change from the Gear Fit itself. As well as the UI change, there have also been changes in the UI, such as the fact that you are now able to view a map which tells you where you have been, and even directions as to where you have to go if you want to go somewhere. You can also measure your heart rate, the distance you have traveled and even calories burned on you run.

We are not sure of all the particular features, but we are expecting Samsung to include their new processor in this device, an AMOLED display and GPS (in order for the maps to work). We could expect this device next month or it is a possibility that Samsung will release it with their new flagship phone in September, the Galaxy Note 6, as they have done in the past years. As of now we do not know anything about the price or the exact specifications, but we could do soon. Do you use such a device or do you plan to get one? If you do, will it be the Gear Fit?