Over the year Apps have introduced some of which are paid and other are free(with maybe in-app purchases). Basically all apps are hand developed by people and developers can spend countless hours, days, or even years in making the app, and when it’s released into the World for everyone to download no-one knows how successful(downloads) it will get even after spending hours and hours developing it. Many apps have came and were great but never got discovered and never got recognition for their work.



Now Google may have come up with a solution for that on the Android side of things. Google just wrapped up their first ever Award Show which was called “Google Play Awards”. They had many apps up for Nominations for different categories. For Example- Best Game, Best Use of Material Design, and many more. They nominated all types of apps not just games like Dub Smash, musical.ly, and more as seen above.

I believe that this is a great move by Google because some are created by big companies and are mostly free but then they promote advertisements inside the app which sometime is very annoying, and to get rid them they mostly require you to pay $x.xx. This makes sense because developers do need to make a living, but there are some apps out there which are free and do not show a single advertisement on them. I really think when it is a job and not just a hobby to code, it would really discourages the developer.


This move that Google has made where apps can get recognition via this I think will really encourage more developers to improve, add, and change in their app and make it to a level where it has the ability to get some recognition and awarded for their work. Awesome move by Google and I cannot wait to see what others do which follows Googles steps because I think this is very important for the developers to get recognition not only the big companies which have a lot of following.

Winners of 2016 Google Play Awards:

Best App: Houzz
Best Early Adopter: World Around Me
Best Families App: Thinkrolls 2
Best Go Global: Pokemon Shuffle Mobile
Best Game: Clash Royale
Most Innovative: NYT VR
Best Use of Material Design: Robinhood
Best Standout Indie: Alphabear
Best Use of Google Play Game Services: Table Tennis Touch
Best Standout Startup: Hopper

Let me know what you think of this move by Google, and if more companies like Amazon and Apple should do this in the comment below.