The Home8 security system is a modular product designed for home use. Having featured the product earlier and noting the hardware that it offers, does the system remain a solid choice after a month of constant use?

Home8 offers a wide variety of different kits and its main selling point is simplicity. The kit showcased comes with a shuttle, two window/door sensors, an HD camera, a motion sensor and a remote control to arm or disarm the setup. More options about the bundles are found on their website or at Best Buy.


Unlike many of its rivals, using the security system does not require a monthly fee or set up charges. While the free package may be enough for many, a paid subscription allowing for advanced self-monitoring, multi-location and device tracking and a few other key features is available for those interested, and more can be learned here.


There are multiple benefits to the Home8 security system. For starters, the dual layer authentication available results in the simultaneous receiving texts and emails when a new device is set up, disallowing anyone else from accessing the equipment. In cases of crises, one can also set up contacts for emergency that too remain accessible when notified of a mishap or via the camera view.


While the system as a whole is made of a variety of different devices, they all work seamlessly together. In the event of a door alarm going off, the HD camera will automatically capture footage to the SD card as well as a picture for reference. An immediate notification can also be sent to the user allowing him/her to fully take control via voice, the alarm or by contacting emergency contacts via the companion application.

Available for iOS and Android, the companion application too shares the simplistic approach of the entire system. Little tiles correspond to devices connected in one’s home, and the application allows control over smart plugs and other Home8 smart items. Having the flexibility to monitor the house via the connected cameras is also present with options to act via the microphone or alarm, both when connected with WiFi or 4G.


In addition to the unarmed and armed modes of the security system, Home8 provides a stay mode. This mode serves to protect users when at home. It allows important devices to remain operational while the rest to remain off. These can be particularly useful in night hours, when one might have their door sensors active. In the event that the sensor is triggered, the user will be notified but the motion sensor will remain non-operational.


While scheduling is possible via the application directly, with IFTTT support, the Home8 security system is unmatched in its class of simplicity and usefulness. Over time, it has the tendency to integrate itself into a normal household’s life and certainly provides an added layer of security with the option to act promptly during emergency situations.

Kevin Nether