The fingerprint scanner has become a part of a lot of modern day smartphones of late, even making its way into budget Android smartphone offerings. The trend was initially set by Apple, with the sensor found on the iPhone 5S and since then, its implementation has been widely adopted.

Samsung with their newest Galaxy Note 7 have introduced a new bio-metric sensor to the smartphone world, the iris scanner. The term sounds more complex than its implementation is. But the obvious question is, which bio-metric sensor is better?

The video above shows the key differences between the sensors for both their set-up process as well as their day to day use. While the fingerprint sensor is plain and simple, the iris scanner shows its worth in low light, when the user is wearing glasses or even when the user has one eye covered.

Even so, the iris scanner requires a lot of refinement in the future and while functional, many would prefer the ease of use of the fingerprint scanner over it. Will you be using the iris scanner over the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Let us know in the comments below!

Kevin Nether