A quick glance at the calendar will tell you that April Fool’s Day is quickly approaching. Most people know April Fool’s Day as the day where people (and now companies) prank others for fun. Looking at LG, this year April Fool’s Day might be just a little bit different.

LG released an ad for their newest flagship, the LG G5, that makes mention of April 1st for the release date. The ad features a man sitting on a subway train smiling at his G5 screen. He pushes the battery into the phone and his grin gets even bigger. The next thing we see in the ad are the words “Get ready to play April 1”, and then the G5 again.

It appears that we’ll be able to get our hands on the G5 on April 1st. This makes sense because the release date on Best Buy’s website also says April 1st, and AT&T’s pre-orders are shipping just before that. Take a look at LG’s new ad for the G5 below.

Will you be grabbing the G5 when it comes out?

Kevin Nether