So at MWC LG announced their new LG G5 along with some other friends. These friends are a VR headset and 2 new cameras. The first is a 360 camera and the other is a sphere-shaped camera that rolls around the ground and is controlled by your smartphone. LG also released a camera module and a sound module that work with the G5, each with it’s own set of benefits. So let’s talk about these new LG announcements.phpfelv4bFirst up, the LG Hi Plus with B&O Play module; a 32-bit digital to analogue converter (DAC) made by an audio specialist known as Bang & Olufsen. This module enables the phone to play sounds at a higher resolution, which means the music you hear will be much better than what you hear using speakers or headphones.IkpArxi8 The next module is a bit different, it is a camera controller module that makes it easier for you to to snap pictures on the go. There are several “buttons,” one of which is a dial for zooming in and out. There’s also a shutter button which allows you to snap a picture with just one click. Its built-in video button allows you to record videos. Answering to an endless request by users for more juice, this module also gives you 40% more battery life.lg-g5-camera-grip-7
Now let’s take a look now at LG’s new cameras. The first camera is a 360 camera which allows you to record video in 360 degrees. One key advantage of this camera is it produces a higher pixel count, coming in at 638 pixels per inch. It also allows you to use your LG G5 as a touch screen so you can conveniently control everything straight from your device. Thanks to its well thought out design, this 360 camera produces some great quality pictures that make it stand out from the competition.G5_cameragripbw8bomkmuaejgti9uyh1The next camera LG released is a robot (sphere-shaped) camera that you can control from your smartphone. It allows you to talk to people in your home and it also lets you control any IR-equipped appliances. So if you leave your house and forget to turn off the TV, this camera can do it for you.phpzakxjxLastly, LG announced a VR headset. This headset doesn’t use your phone’s screen but it instead connects via USB-type C. Not unlike many new products, this headset has been met with some positive and negative feedback. On the positive side, it is very light, weighting only 118 grams! On the negative, some say lag plays a big role with this headset. Also sometimes pictures look blurry unless the user moves his or head very slowly and gently.  People are split on whether it’s comfortable, but that’s true with many headsets, so it’s somewhat subjective.  Simply put, this isn’t the best available VR headset, but we can count on LG to make improvements in the near future. That’s pretty much it, leave feedback down below in the comment section so we know if you found this interesting and informative. We will see you guys next time.