With LG’s G5 announcement at Mobile World Congress just two days away, we have been embraced with yet another leak of the phone — which has delightfully confused us.

If you take a look at the picture below, you will see that the LG G5’s battery may indeed be removable and could be attached to its lower chin allowing for easy replacement. If this is to be believed, we could finally be introduced to a smartphone that has premium build quality with a removable battery and would be one of the more substantial innovations in the smartphone world over the recent year or so.

This type of battery would also mean the phone may feature a modular design at the bottom, opening up newer ways to customize the smartphone (namely the chin) and bring a glimpse of Project Ara, the concept of a modular smartphone, to the public. The only slight worry here is that the actual battery seems to take only part of the chin suggesting for a rather small battery, especially with how thin flagship phones are these days. All we can do is hope for LG to not disappoint with such a brilliant invention.

If you haven’t kept up with all of the LG G5 leaks and rumors, you can also check out my video down below so that when February 21st comes, you’ll know exactly what is about to hit you. Or surprise you, depending on how LG go about their product launch.

Source: Nowhere Else

Kevin Nether