So after waiting so long for a new jailbreak to release, Pangu has finally released a jailbreak for IOS 9.1. Many user’s really depend on jailbreaks to personalize their devices, but it can be really frustrating when it takes a while for a new jailbreak to release. The last ‘official’ jailbreak we got was for iOS 9.0 and that was a couple months back. Thanks to Pangu, they finally released a new version for  9.1 a couple weeks ago. The new jailbreak doesn’t really bring anything new  design wise, though it did bring some new tweaks for you to install to your smart phone.

imagesThe new jailbreak took less then 5 minutes to install on my device and I was able to have Cydia up and running after restarting my device. Now, we don’t necessarily recommend you jailbreak you device since it can brick your phone if something go’s wrong. Also, before jailbreaking, make sure to back up all your phones data to iTunes or iCloud so if anything go’s wrong you can restore your device back to factory settings and then use your back up to get all of your information back. cydia-ios-9-big

Having Cydia installed on your device really allows you to be creative and do what you want with your device. It allows you to really customize and expand your ideas and not be stuck with the same boring apple software which is great and fast, but hasn’t changed much. Though there is one con about this new jailbreak, if you’ve installed IOS 9.1.2 you wont be able to install this jailbreak. Therefore, you will have to wait a bit longer for Pangu to release a new updated version! install-cydia-on-ios-9-cydiaios9.com_1

Overall Im really pumped about this new jailbreak and cant wait to really dive into it and personalize my device. Now I definitely want to hear from you guys so let me know your thoughts on this new jailbreak down below. Also. if you guys would be interested in seeing more jailbreaking related articles definitely drop a comment so I can try to make that possible.