For the past few years, Audio-Technica has been making high quality audio equipment that suits the needs of not only consumers but also professionals intending to use the equipment for various movie productions. Building on last year’s success from the MSR7 headphones, the company has now added the MSR7NC to the SonicPro range of headphones, introducing the extra functionality of Active Noise Cancellation.


The new MSR7NC’s come with a couple of peripherals out of the box such as a micro-USB cable, an airplane adapter, 3ft long cable and another 3ft long cable with an in-line remote. Having not yet experienced the airplane adapter yet, I use the cable with the in-line remote at most times because it is very helpful to boost productivity either on my phone or laptop.


My Impressions on the Headphones:

As soon as I tried the headphones, the comfort levels were unparalleled with the ear cups sinking into my ear. Owning also the Audio-Technica ATHM50x, it was surprising how these ear cups could feel even more satisfactory. The sound too was great with Active Noise Cancellation turned off with the surroundings only becoming noticeable in louder environments like on a street.

When Active Noise Cancellation was turned on though, the headphones were able to isolate all environmental disturbances even on the street. In terms of music quality, the headphones do provide good levels of bass but I wouldn’t say they overpower the mids to a point where they are popping.

For a first impression, the pair of MSR7NC’s lived up to my expectations but more can only be said in the full review, coming sometime soon on the website. Do give the video below a watch and provide any feedback you may have in the comments section.