VR has been a huge phenomenon over the past few years, we’ve seen versions from Google, HTC, Oculus and a variety of other manufacturers. Well, Sony is now going to take a stab at it with their new PlayStation VR. You will be able to purchase PlayStation VR just in time for this holiday season in October for $399.

Sony finally unveiled their PlayStation VR recently in San Fransisco. Here is a full list of specs below, so you can know what almost $400 will get you.

  • OLED Display
  • 5.7 inch Display
  •  1920 X RGB X 1080
  • Refresh Rate of 12oHz, 90Hz
  • 360 Degree Tracking/9 LEDs
  • Field of view Approx. 100 Degrees
  • Latency Less than 18ms
  • Controllers Dualshock 4 and PS Move


As you see above, there’s the full consumer package details as shown by Sony themselves. There’s not much more details Sony unveiled except the expectation of 50 games at launch. Stay tuned for more coverage later this year on what Sony offers and brings to the table with this device and other devices!

Kevin Nether