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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve surely heard of Pokémon Go, a new popular app. The app is already rolling in the cash, making over a million dollars every day. Nintendo, who played a role in creating the app, has already seen a 30% increase in their stock. While the app is a fun concept, there are some major problems with it. I’m here to break it down. I’m not going to do an in-depth explanation of the app, so please try it for yourself if you’re wondering how it works.

Problem #1: Server Load

While the game developer is actively working to fix this problem, the servers are currently slammed. The app is slow to do server based tasks, and sometimes the servers just don’t respond. The infrastructure in place simply isn’t enough to support the load of the millions of users that jumped on board.

Problem #2: Anyone Can Create A Pokéstop

By paying just a few dollars, any user can set up a Pokéstop. Why is this a problem? Users are paying to set up stops in public places, such as businesses. Businesses are getting flooded with Pokémon players taking up space in their facilities, and not leaving any room for paying customers. In addition, criminals have already taken advantage of this feature. 4 teenagers created a Pokéstop, and proceeded to rob people at gun point who showed up at their stop. The game has also resulted in various injuries, as well as someone discovering a dead body.

Problem #3: Watch Where You’re Going!

Now, everyone is glued to their phone trying to find Pokémon, and that’s a problem. By not watching where you’re going, you will easily run in to stuff, trip over things, and could be easily injured. In addition, if you’re not alert of your surroundings, you are an easy target for thieves. Especially if you have kids, do not play Pokémon Go in public if they are with you. Keep your eyes on your children. If you’re looking at your phone instead of your children, they are an easy target for a kidnapper.

Problem #4: Privacy And Security

Did you sign in to the app using your Google account? If so, you’ve just signed over everything in your Google account to the game developers. The developers have claimed that they are going to fix this issue, but for the time being, your emails, photos, location history, and more, are exposed to prying eyes. You are advised to create a traditional account instead of signing in with Google. This way, the developers will only have the information you give them.

The App Can Be Safe

Just like anything in life, there is no reason why this app can’t be safe – just be careful! Watch where you’re going, don’t go to Pokéstops if you don’t know the area well. Don’t go in private or dark places (such as dark allies, private property, etc), and keep your eyes on the pathway and your children (if you have any). Also, don’t sign in with your Google account. Oh, and please don’t go in to the bathroom of your opposite gender to search for Pokémon. That’s just weird. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy playing the game without any harm. So sit back, relax, and play Pokémon! Wait.. Actually.. I think I mean.. Stand up, stay alert and then play Pokémon!

Featured image is courtesy of The Verge. As I don’t play Pokémon, I don’t have any screenshots.

Kevin Nether