It’s time for a rant, guys. You know what bothers me? When people look at my Galaxy S6 (which I purchased when it was the latest flagship) and say “Android? Oh. I mean, I get that it’s cheaper. That’s why you don’t have an iPhone?” Guess what? Premium Android phones are not always cheaper than the iPhone. In some cases, they are actually more expensive. According to Verizon’s site, the LG G6 retails at $672, where the iPhone 7 retails at $649.99. The Google Pixel retails at $649.99, and when the Galaxy S7 first came out, it also retailed at $672.

What does this mean?

Most flagship Android phones are equal in price to the iPhone, or even priced higher.

Hold on! What about budget phones?

Yes, you’re correct. There are plenty of budget phones in the Android market. Some phones can be as cheap as $50 new. This is most likely the cause of the common misconception that “Android phones are cheap.” They can be cheap, that’s totally correct, but watch your mouth before you make assumptions!

800x600_configSome people like Android, and are proud of it.

Personally, I prefer Android over iOS. Before the die hard Apple fanboys yell at me, I’ve used iOS before. In fact, I was once an iOS fan. I value customization and the freedom to not be confined to the Apple prison, and that’s why Android is the way to go for me! Why not jailbreak? Well, I don’t like to mod my OS. Why am I going to modify something from the way the developer intended it to be, only to make it unstable and janky? For the same reason, I don’t root my Android phone. However, I don’t feel the need to root it! On Android, I actually have the ability to change stuff like the launcher without being confined to Apple’s one style fits all box.

Going back to Android being “cheap,” this can be a bonus, but not the main reason I use it! There are many budget phones that pose serious competition to flagship phones. Honestly, they can be perfectly usable as daily drivers. This isn’t a reason to pick Android, though. Sometimes, due to financial restrictions, that may be your only choice. If, however, you can afford an iPhone, it’s not “illegal” to purchase Android if you prefer it!


In conclusion, Android does not mean “cheap.” If you see someone with an Android phone, don’t assume they’re “poor” and just “can’t afford a good phone.” Pay attention to the phone first! If it’s something like a Blu R1 HD, they were probably either strapped for cash, or just didn’t want to spend a lot on a phone. If it’s a OnePlus 3T, Galaxy S7, LG G6, HTC 10, etc., they probably love Android!


Kevin Nether