It’s recently surfaced that the Samsung Galaxy S7 uses cameras from three different manufacturers, namely Samsung themselves, Sony and Toshiba. On most occasions, this change doesn’t make too much of a difference, but with S7 units users are reporting some discrepancies in performance.

Those who pre-ordered the phone from T-Mobile are most likely to have the phone with the Sony camera unit, with others buying the phone thereafter receiving phones with either an in house Samsung or Toshiba camera unit. It is said that S7 smartphones with the Sony camera are said to perform better than the rest, with Toshiba units performing the worst comparatively — which, knowing the sensors, is to be expected.

If you’re curious in knowing what camera unit your Samsung Galaxy S7 has, follow the video down below from SkyLine Tech and let us know if you’re experiencing any issues with it. We’ve had #BendGate and #ChipGate courtesy of Apple but do you think this change in camera unit on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is substantial enough to be labelled #CamGate?

Vaibhav Pradip
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