LG in the past always seems to be a notch behind any manufacturer and their G5 didn’t help that last year. But with the LG G6, the company has really turned the tables. Their South Korean rival Samsung though is just rising from the ashes the Note7 left behind with their Galaxy S8 series. So, between the Galaxy S8+ and the LG G6, which phone is really worthy of being called a futuristic flagship? Boys and Girls, this video is where you’ll find out.

Both these phones are the first ones to come with the weird 18.5:9 aspect ratio which makes them taller and thinner than conventional phones from last year. On the G6, you get a 5.7-inch QHD panel while on the S8+, you get a larger 6.2-inch panel of the same resolution with the S8 packing a smaller 5.8-inch screen. While the G6 and S8+ share screen resolutions, the infinity display on the S8+ really makes for a much more immersive experience pushing the bezels to the bare minimum. The added fact of it being a Super AMOLED panel really makes colors punchy and even though the G6's display is HDR certified as well, the S8+ has the slight edge for sure.


In terms of build, the G6 flaunts a very premium metallic build that not only is appealing but also very robust. On the other hand, the S8+ comes in a glass build with a metal frame and is premium in its own right. This time, the back panel is also Gorilla Glass 5 protected just like the front of the S8+ and the G6 but being glass, you do feel its a bit fragile and tend to worry when it drops or something. But despite the different approaches in build, both phones are IP68 certified meaning they're water resistant past water that's 1.5m deep for up to 30 minutes.

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But while the phones have been pretty much neck and neck so far, software and hardware really tell them apart. The G6 runs on the Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB of RAM which is slightly dated compared to the S8+ running on the Snapdragon 835 processor with again, 4GB RAM.

Both software types also bring in a fair share of tweaks on top of Android 7.0 Nougat and have been re-touched. the G6's feels a bit more familiar compared to previous versions but seems cluttered a bit and offers a more cartoonish look, something I'd say to describe the older TouchWiz. On the S8+ though, you get a modern TouchWiz which is quite a refresh. And that's where the difference is. The S8 seems to offer a ton of useful customization options which are easy to understand of even for beginners and seem to tie up a lot with the on-board hardware. Things like face and iris unlock, the 3D touch like home button and Bixby, Samsung's new virtual assistant add value to the experience, something LG hasn't done with their software. But what I can say is, the fingerprint sensor on the S8 is misplaced and awkward to reach so LG definitely wins my vote there.


Over to optics, the G6 comes with 3 cameras. The front 5MP f/2.2 sensor and the dual 13MP primary unit at the back. On the S8+, there's no dual setup with a front 8MP f/1.7 unit and a 12MP Dual-Pixel primary sensor that is identical to the one found on the S7 or Note 7.


In terms of primary camera performance, the G6 is one of the best I've ever used. It seems to have an edge over the S8+ in low light performance and even though it can be a bit contrasty, it does well with colors. That doesn't mean the S8+ is bad though. It is a great camera but things like the manual controls on the G6 make it feel like a DSLR to me not to mention the versatility of taking wider pictures thanks to its wide angle sensor, something the S8+ doesn't have. The front camera on the S8+ has the higher megapixel count but tends to be way on the software side with it failing to capture accurate colors, again something that the G6 does better. When you consider dynamic range, well samsung is King. Look at this example of this image, this is all you need to see. Samsung brings in high lights and low lights and a fast shutter to make some nice images.

gs8-vs-lg-g6-camera-samples-1-of-2 gs8-vs-lg-g6-camera-samples-2-of-2

Overall i do give the nod to the LG G6. Their camera is fantastic and I've consistently took better photos in all scenarios and the wide angle lens is a lot of fun to use.

Which device is better you'll probably ask me. And once again, this depends on the person. Although I really love how the G6 feels in my hand, for some reason, I end up going back to the S8. I just can't explain why. The screen is just amazing to look out and the infinity display really helps the immersion when gaming or watching a video.

Kevin Nether