Samsung have announced that from today on wards, Samsung Pay now supports loyalty and membership cards in the USA, which means that your wallets will contain much fewer cards and will be much slimmer. Samsung have decided to take on this new feature for Samsung Pay due to the fact that they have estimated that the average household has at least 30 loyalty cards that they use. With loyalty cards integrated in Samsung Pay, which is widely used in the USA, it means that people do not have to take membership or loyalty cards to the places they go. All people need to take are their phones, if they have a Samsung phone. They will never forget their loyalty or membership card and so people who own Samsung Galaxy devices, will never miss out on rewards and discounts.

With this new feature, with just one app, you can store up to 100 loyalty and membership cards. As well as this new feature, there is a new membership feature which stores important cards such as personal identification cards and insurances so that everything is kept safe for when you need it, especially in an emergency. So whether you need your gym membership card or a loyalty card for your grocery store, all you need to do is launch the Samsung Pay app, select the card that you need and let the merchant scan the bar code from your phone. To get the card simply onto your phone, just upload the card bar code to you phone and then you will see the card itself on the phone. Samsung Pay is starting to be widely used in USA and most merchants accept it.

It is a possibility that you will not even need a physical wallet if you have a Samsung phone and start to use Samsung Pay. It may be that you may not believe that it is safe to use, but many do use it and according to Samsung their method is safe as to use the card, it requires fingerprint authentication and Samsung KNOX, and so you will need to have no worry of fraudulent with cards. Have you thought of using mobile pay services such as Samsung Pay?

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