So, I recently got to review a pair of bluetooth, sport earphones, called the SoundPEATS Q20. It was one of the very few, bluetooth earphones that I had, as I hardly ever use bluetooth headphones or earphones. This is because after having bad experiences with other bluetooth earphones or headphones, I didn’t feel like using them. But after using this pair of earphones, it had totally changed my mind and got me thinking better about bluetooth earphones.



SoundPEATS are a new company to me, and for first experience, I was pleased with how I was treated. The box is made of cardboard, and there is nothing more to expect. Inside the box, however, was where everything was. There was a hard case, in which there were the earphones itself, as well as a few other accessories. These included a variety of things. Earbuds was one of them, and they came in different sizes, but I also found that there was different materials too. Ear fins could also be found, so that the earphones stay in the ear whilst you run, in many different sizes. I was shocked to see that they were made out of rubber though, unlike others. A USB cable for charging, and a clip to hand the earphones onto your shirt can be found. This is great to see for such a small amount of money.


From using the earphones, connectivity was easy, as all I had to do was to turn on bluetooth on my phone, and connect. This connection was maintained even from quite far distances. This means when at home or at the gym, you do not need to worry to keep your phone on you. A feature that you may not find on other earphones are that these are magnetic. This is great so when not in use, they are safe around your neck. Not only that, but they implement this magnetic design to power off and on the earphones. With this, you can easily turn off your earphones, and save power, but can use them for a long time.

Overall, these earphones are quite good, especially for the price. These headphones are available in the UK, but not in the US. if you would like to buy these, then you can do so here. If you cannot purchase it, because you live in another country, you can find a good alternative here. Check out the video below as well.