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The Problem
We all spend more time than we’d like each day fishing for lost items. In fact, most of us spend at least 10 minutes a day (according to research) searching for lost items. From keys, to wallets, to anything else you value, looking for lost items is never enjoyable. Lately, finding smartphones hasn’t been so hard, thanks to technologies such as Apple’s Find My iPhone and Samsung’s Find My Mobile. What if there was a way to use that amazing technology on all valuables? Look no further!
Introducing the Tile
The Tile, which is attached to a key chain

The solution? The Tile!  Tile is a $25 Bluetooth tracking device, which allows you to locate

The App interface

your lost items via the iOS and Android apps. The device includes a non-removable battery that lasts 1 year. After a year, you can buy a replacement Tile for $12. With it’s slim and sleek design, the device can easily be attached to key rings, or put in bags. It’s water resistant, so dropping it in a puddle of water or snow won’t be a problem. It also features a moderately loud speaker, which will play a very audible sound while you try to locate it. In addition to playing a sound, you can also play “hot or cold” with the device and see how close you are to the item. Of course, the Tile isn’t totally foolproof. Since the device is Bluetooth, you must be within range of it. If you leave your valuables somewhere, it isn’t as simple as pulling out your phone and tracking it. The best the app can do is tell you where you were when you were last in range of the device. In addition, if another Tile member walks within range of your Tile (and they have Bluetooth turned on in their phone’s settings), you will get a notification of where your Tile was found.

Where the Tile Falls Short
There are several improvements that could be made to the Tile. One of which would be to add a removable battery slot. It is easy to understand why the company might resist this, as their non-removable battery design guarantees that they make continued income from each customer – it’s their way of implementing a subscription service model in their business. Next, it would be nice to see a feature added that would allow for users to receive a notification when they walk outside of the range of their Tile to remind them not to leave that item behind. This is something that ANKR, a Tile alternative, has done a great job implementing.
Final Thoughts
The Tile is a wonderful way to keep track of your valuables. While it’s not perfect, it can help you save quite a bit of time. You will find yourself not searching for your valuables as often, and when you do, you’ll find them much faster! But is it worth the cost? Shelling out $25 for a single Tile is a bit expensive, especially considering you may have more than 1 item you wish to track (keys, wallet, backpack/purse, etc.). Not to mention that you’ll have to shell out an additional $12 per Tile each year. Tile does offer discounts on bulk purchases, however, it’s still pretty pricey. If you’re someone who loses stuff a lot, then the Tile is recommended. If you only lose stuff every now and then, you may want to save your money.
Kevin Nether