The Ninjas

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TechNinjaKevin Nether – Founder

Kevin is a multitalented professional with a passion in cinematography. He uses his passion for technology to create engaging YouTube videos for his YouTube channel: Kevin The Tech Ninja. Prior to that, he’s worked for XDA Developers & Android Authority as a YouTube personality, where he specializes in reviews, and tutorials. Kevin has also been featured on, Digg, and Reddit. 

KeyanKeyan – Editor in Chief

Keyan is a laid-back guy with an intense passion for mobile technology, especially that which revolves around Android. He tries to get his hands on every device that gets released and also on as much Android related swag as possible. You can catch him always connected to his social networks, under the username ‘Khaoszr’, if you need help, have a question, or just want to chat. You can find him on Youtube by visiting the URL:

ElijahElijah – Web Developer

Elijah a freelance video producer, web developer. and technology fanatic that’s interested in consumer electronics. Ever since he was young, he has always wanted to share my passion for tech with everyone he knows, which is the reason Elijah started making videos on YouTube. his goal is to change the way people think about technology!  He’s also currently learning C#, CSS, C++, HTML, and Java Script, so that he can have this knowledge when he expands his web development company called Tech Infusion.

JacklynJacklyn – Social Media Manager, Editor

Jacklyn is a technology journalist and filmmaker, who brings a fresh and unique understanding of the youth, female, and professional market to all of her reviews. She specializes in consumer electronics and high quality tech products from lesser known brands. She is an editor, writer, and social media manager at TheTech.Ninja, where she writes articles on current technology launches, trends, news and reviews. You can also find her on YouTube at .

VaibhavVaibhav – Senior Editor

Vaibhav is a full-time university student, who has just enough time to explore a hobby in technology. As an Android user over the past years, he developed an interest in Android modification and rejects anything Apple. He aims to cover the most interesting breakthroughs in technology either in written or video form. His written views can be found here, but if you’re looking for more flavor, YouTube is where you will get it. Going by the alias ‘JCVP11‘, he aims to produce professional quality video content with just the right amount of personality and humor, although the professional part is a bit debatable… for now.

BavBav – Writer

Bav is a tech enthusiast and has had a passion for technology for quite some time.  Very recently, he has started to make his own videos on technology for his personal YouTube channel.  Bav is also passionate for photography and cinematography, and enjoys designing in his own time.  You can find him on YouTube and other social networks under the alias ‘TechForevermore’.


ChristinaChristina – Writer

Christina is a tech lover who currently lives in California. She has been writing about technology for about three years and has loved every minute of it. Christina has had the opportunity to go to CES and explore upcoming tech. She currently uses an iPhone 6s Plus as her daily driver. When she’s not writing or working she’s playing video games like Call of Duty, Fallout or Pokemon. She’s always down to converse with fellow geeks and nerds.

ChristianChristian – Writer

Christian Taylor is a tech enthusiast, video producer, graphic designer, journalist, and drummer from Nashville, TN. He makes weekly videos about tech on his YouTube Channel, Drumrocker365.  As his username says, he is a professional drummer with a touring band, The Zach Allen Band. Starting his channel in 2011, Christian is experienced in YouTube. He also enjoys programming, and developing websites. He has experience with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C#, and PHP. Christian also has an entrepreneurial background, starting his first company, Emerald Hosting, at age 13.

MeSantiago – Writer

Santiago has been a tech enthusiast since he was 7 years old, specially of mobile technology. He lives in Mexico and studies graphic design and animation. He has a huge passion for photography and cinematography and when he´s not in school you´ll see him reading books, learning about cinematography, taking pictures and researching interesting technology topics.

12247968_1164680776880475_2027847967154035296_o-1024x1024Preet – Writer

Preet is a Tech enthusiast, he always strives to provide people with the latest on technology whether it be through blogging or his own Youtube Channel. Preet is currently undertaking Computer Science in the beautiful islands of Fiji. If he is not at his desk, you can find Preet doing outdoor photography, surfing the waves or playing tennis. His current daily driver is the Samsung Galaxy S7 and he is also the founder of

rsz_img_1309Sarthak – Contributor

Sarthak specializes in technology. He has had a passion for technology since… never mind. He is also passionate about photography and filmmaking. He has a personal YouTube channel called ‘TecHumour’ and is the founder of Sarthak is also a BIG fan of Harry Potter (if that’s your thing).

finalfeaturegt-furypixel-profileAnders Orozco – Graphic Designer, Web Developer

Anders is a Professional Graphic Designer & Web Developer, he currently lives and works in Taiwan.  His creativity & passion for Gaming & Technology boosted him to become a Streamer & Content Creator (FuryPixel®) and thus he is able to share all of his passions with the world.