Many Android users like to explore the Google Play Store and find new apps or even new ways of customizing their phone. If you’re that type of person, then you’re in the right place! We will be taking a look at Kevin TheTechNinja’s S7 Edge and how he has everything set up.Galaxy-S7-Edge-First-Look-6Kevin uses some essentials with his phone. Those essentials are a good way to protect your phone against the rough environment that your phone will probably encounter throughout it’s lifetime.

First off, he likes to find a screen protector that will protect the screen against scratches and accidental drops. But, Kevin is still on a quest of finding a good screen protector for the Edge.Galaxy-S7-Review-3Secondly, Kevin likes to install a skin on every phone he owns and this is a special case with the S7 because of it’s slippery feel and all the fingerprint it attracts.

He also likes to use a case with his S7 Edge and the case he is using right now is from a well known company called Spigen. Cases are a good way to protect your phone from the hard surface of our Earth, and they also provide grip to some extent.

Go check out Kevin’s video for more info on how he uses his phones!

Kevin Nether