The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that you are desperately waiting for may ship with an all curved display and Samsung will not have the option to purchase a “non-curved” version, according to a new report. Samsung’s current flagships, the Galaxy S7 series feature two devices (Well three if you count the Active), the smaller, non curved Galaxy S7 and the larger, curved Galaxy S7 Edge.
Speculations have been scouring the interwebs that Samsung will release two variants of the Note 7 and although the rumors have indicated that a curved model is coming, we suspected a second variant with a flat display would accompany it.

Now however, a new publication by the South Korea Herald suggests us that won’t be the case. It is rumored that Samsung will make two variants of the Note 7, however, both will be non-curved. The only option customers would then possibly get is to buy a curved phone or sob and wait till the Note 8 when Samsung realises their mistake and makes a flat Note.
But not everything is lost however. In the typical Note edition norm, Samsung will definitely have some major power and tricks packed it’s sleeves. It is speculated that the Note 7 will ship with a display of 5.8-inches with a Quad HD resolution paired with a 4,000mAh battery to keep those pixels running and whopping 6GB of RAM.

We’ll have to wait and see what that means for the beloved S Pen stylus, which might not be quite as useful on curved glass. But this move is likely to upset plenty of Galaxy Note fans who might still view curved displays as a gimmick.
The Korea Herald adds that the Galaxy Note 7 will make its official debut at an event in New York in August — as recent leaks revealed. Samsung is also expected to introduce a special edition of the Galaxy S7 for the Rio Olympics.

What are your thoughts on the Note 7? Would you buy one when it is released? Let us know in the comments down below.

Kevin Nether