An integral part of any Samsung Galaxy Note is its S-Pen. It allows users to be productive and introduces them to various features. Every year, Samsung strives to improve the  experience, with this year also bringing noticeable changes.

The tip of the S-Pen is now reduced to 0.7mm which makes it feel closer to any other regular pen. This combined with the improved display capable of sensing up to 4096 different pressures will surely encourage anyone to let their artistic creativity flow, on that gorgeous 5.7″ display.

However, the innovation has not stopped there. Samsung have gone the extra mile by introducing new features such as Magnify, Translate and Glance, while building on its Smart Select feature, allowing users to capture GIFs of various media. More information on the features can be found below:

Furthermore, Samsung have reduced the number of applications that come with its Note lineup, improving performance and eliminating any excessive bloatware. Combining that with under-rated features like the screen off memo, extended screenshots and performance under water due to its IP68 certification, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 offers truly the most all-rounded package for any enthusiast or general consumer.

Let us know in the comments whether or not the S-Pen features will influence your decision to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. If so, which features are you looking forward to the most?

Kevin Nether