Verizon is a well known cell phone carrier in the US. While popular, they’ve been behind on many common features that other cell phone carriers have had for years now. Verizon is also expensive, offering few perks in return. Fortunately, they seem to be making positive changes recently. It’s an encouraging sign – are they finally becoming more competitive?

verizon2The New Features

Verizon recently added the following features: Carryover Data and Safety Mode. Carryover Data allows any unused data from the previous month to “carry over” in the next month. If you have a 4GB plan and use 2GB of data, the next month you will have 6GB of data to use. The downside is that this data is only valid for one month, and is used last. So if you only use 3GB out of your 6GB, you will have 5GB the next month. But if you used 5GB out of your 6GB, you would have 4GB the next month (since carry over data is used last and is only valid for one month). Verizon also introduced Safety Mode, which essentially allows you to get free 128kbps data when you hit your data cap, rather than being hit with a $15 fee. If you absolutely need fast data (although it will cost you), you may pay the $15 fee for an extra 1GB of data at your leisure. Verizon is also marketing their new app as a “feature,” which is exclusive to “The New Verizon Plan,” but it’s definitely hype. It’s a welcomed refresh, but it’s nothing innovative. Limiting this app to only customers on the new plan really shows that Verizon is desperate. Verizon seemed to “loosen up” quite a bit by introducing these two (technically three if you count the app) features. Furthermore, when the new features were initially introduced, Safety Mode would cost an additional fee on most smaller plans, but Verizon quickly made it free to all customers.

The Catch

This article wouldn’t be about a phone carrier if there weren’t a catch. These features are only available to customers on “The New Verizon Plan.” This new plan, which offers more data at each level, also costs slightly more. On the previous “Verizon Plan,” the Medium plan, which our family had, was 3GB for $45 per month. On “The New Verizon Plan,” my family now has 4GB for $50 per month. As you can see, there was a $5 monthly increase, but that’s totally worth it for the extra 1GB of data, carryover data, and safety mode if you ask me. I’m honestly not bothered that you need the newest plan for the additional features, as all phone carriers have hidden catches and fees.

Is Verizon Coming to Reality?

Previously, Verizon was “stubborn.” They wouldn’t change their ways, because they’re Verizon and they think they can get away with it. In my honest opinion, Verizon is hands down the best cellular carrier, but the gap is definitely closing. AT&T is a pretty close second, so it’s time that Verizon steps up it’s game to stay competitive. What do you think? Do you think this is a positive direction for Verizon? Definitely be sure to drop a comment down below!

Kevin Nether