As many tech fans know, iPhones probably get the most amount of accessories per phone than any other mobile device out there. That’s likely due to having one phone out at a time, which makes it easier for 3rd-party manufacturers to create. With that, we’re of course going to see competition to create the least expensive product for the masses, but we’re also going to see very expensive products for the more elite. The product you’ll see in the video below is from the latter — the Vesel Swarovski iPhone 6S bumper.

Now Vesel creates some high-quality accessories for iPhones and other devices and thankfully, they let me check out one of their most expensive bumpers for the iPhone, from the Swarovski series. This bumper is made from wood and metals mostly, but is embedded with Swarovski crystals on the top and bottom of the case.

This case is also retailing for almost $200 USD! That’s more than I’ve spent for any other accessory for the phone and is pretty much a third of the phones’ MSRP. Check the video below and let me know if you think this bumper is worth it, and whether or not you would shell out the cash to grab one for yourself or someone else.

Be sure to check out for more videos by me, not all will be posted here, and check out for more information on the case!

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