Google IO, as everyone should know, is Google premier announcement event on what the company has done and their goals for the current year. Every year they have this event and everyone loses their minds on social networks — but of course, who wouldn’t be excited about new products and services from one of the biggest tech companies in the world?

This year we’re getting a “new” venue for Google IO, and that’s at Google’s own Mountain View campus which is where the first IO was held. I’m guessing that most of you all reading this now weren’t lucky enough to get chosen from the Google ticket lottery to go to the event, don’t worry we weren’t either — although IO Extended events seem to be the next best things. Gratefully though, we are able to view the event from a live stream over at YouTube, which I’ll have link below.


Seeing that VR is becoming a big thing lately, I’m not so surprised that Google is not only streaming the event in the standard multi-camera view, but also in a 360 view that you can either manipulate on YouTube’s website or use a VR device to view. Pretty dope, even if all you have is Google Cardboard.

So down below, the two different views will be listed so that way you can always either tune in or look back at the event days later. Below that, in the comments, I want to hear from all of you about what you expect to see at Google IO this year. It should be starting in less than 15 minutes, go get ready…

Standard View

360 View


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Kevin Nether