The fall is soon approaching, which means that Android is due for an upgrade, maybe a new Nexus Launcher?. The world was introduced to Android Nougat a couple of weeks ago, but recent leaks have come to light showcasing the new design changes that may be featured on stock Android. The next line of Nexus devices are rumored to have the Nexus Launcher running on them. The Nexus Launcher is a leaked launcher that contains some design changes from the original Google Now Launcher and will be released with the Nexus phones in the fall.

Many have come to know and love the Google Now Launcher. It is the official launcher from Google that lets consumers interact with their phones with a stock Android feel. This was a great introduction with the Nexus 5 and was a true face-lift to the way Android looked. Android is rumored to be getting another face-lift this year with the Nexus Launcher. The Nexus Launcher is rumored to be separate from the Google Now Launcher, but will feature the same icons and text with a few foreign design enhancements.

One of the first design changes is the loss of an app drawer shortcut icon. There were multiple rumors suggesting the absence an app drawer within Android 7.0, but maybe this is what was meant. The phone no longer has an app drawer shortcut but instead, introduces a swipe up motion that sends you into the app drawer.

The second design enhancement featured in the Nexus Launcher is the introduction to a standard clock widget and Google Now bar that has been integrated within the launcher. Furthermore, there is no way to change the clock widget in the Nexus Launcher. This clock features a super minimal and sleek design and creates a great looking interface with it next to the Google Now bar. The only glitch that seemed to happen was the occasional hiccup with the Google Voice search.

Lastly, there is no more individual Google Now page. The page was Google Now on a dedicated page in the Google Now Launcher that allowed for users to swipe left and take a glance at whatever may be on their list. Now in the Nexus Launcher that feature has been taken out. This may be due to the recent rumours suggesting a nicer Google Now interface that is similar to Siri and it’s minimal and hidden design. Another rumour is that this launcher will be released in conjunction to the Google Now Launcher.

Overall the Google Now Launcher has become old and there is a need for a facelift within the Android OS and the Nexus Launcher may be just that. Looks like Google may have a lot to announce this fall.

If you would like to see the launcher in action watch the video above!

Kevin Nether