When travelling, the use of a backpack is essential for someone like Kevin to store all of his necessary gear. Using a normal one would suffice, but the ninja that is Kevin likes to use the GhosTek NRG bag.

GhosTek NRG Bag

It’s sleek nature would fool anyone into thinking it is an ordinary bag but there is more than just meets the eye. The bag flaunts a 7000 mAh battery along with a USB port and an input for charging the bag. The front pocket carries the battery which is removable and can be charged separately. But with the battery inside, the pocket still has space to store essentials like a backup 9000 mAh LOGiiX Piston Power Pro portable battery that can charge up to 5 different USB powered devices at once, various USB cables and a pair of MPOW Cheetah earbuds.

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The main pouch houses all the magic, ranging from Apple’s standard 30-pin and lighting adapter to the standard micro-USB cable. The inclusion of a USB-C cable would have been ideal but that’s something GhosTek can work on for the future. The dedicated space for the charger houses the MacBook Pro’s charger and a USB Samsung T1 512GB solid state, where most of Kevin’s video files are stored. The dedicated laptop pouch is also sufficient to hold a MacBook Pro or an iPad depending on the nature of the trip.

USB Samsung T1 512GB SSD

On shorter trips where time is an issue, Kevin also opts to carry a bottle of Soylent in the bag’s main pouch. Soylent is food in liquid form that offers a nutritionally balanced meal. The nature of short trips doesn’t allow one to indulge in time consuming meals, and Soylent serves as a great alternative. There are no side effects to this and most of all, it keeps Kevin on the move.


Eventually, all good things come to an end and what seems like infinite space in this bag is sealed off by a small pocket at the back. That is where you will find Kevin’s spare phone, which at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S7 wrapped in a dbrand skin.

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences and it will be interesting to know if you maintain a backpack setup similar to Kevin’s or opt for something a bit more simpler. Personally, I have never seen a bag incorporating this much technology but I’m looking forward to your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below.




Kevin Nether