When many of us saw YouTube Red, our initial reaction was not pleasant. You may have been thinking, “Great, the days of YouTube being free are gone!” In reality, YouTube Red is far from that. Is YouTube Red really worth shelling over $10 of your precious cash each month?



Before asking if YouTube Red is worth it, we need to familiarize ourselves with it’s features. It’s main feature is the ability to watch ad-free content, but here are all of the features:

  • Ad-free viewing
  • Exclusive ‘Red’ original content
  • Listen to videos in the background (with screen locked or in other apps)
  • Offline video playback (great for road trips and flights)
  • Joined Google Play Music subscription


As you can see, YouTube Red offers great bang for your buck. Just the free Google Play Music subscription alone is worth it. If you don’t know, Google Play Music is Google’s take at Spotify. You can stream and download any song you like, with the library sporting over 30 million songs — as well as upload your own tracks.

The cherry on top of that is all of the features you get with Red! Ad-free viewing, exclusive Red content, background listening, and offline video playback! All of the features you get are a steal for $10/month

“But why pay when I can get it all for free?”

“I can use an ad blocker, pirate music, root my phone to listen to stuff in the background, and use a video downloader. So who in their right mind would pay for YouTube Red?”

YouTube Red is about supporting content creators. YouTube pays content creators 45% of ad revenue. In other words, YouTubers are able to make money from the ads on their video – it helps them keep the lights on and keep producing awesome content. By using an ad blocker, you are removing that ability for them to make money from your views. With YouTube Red, although there are no ads, YouTube still pays creators the fair amount they would be paid if there were ads. In simple terms, paying for YouTube Red instead of using an ad blocker means that you are financially supporting the YouTubers you watch. In addition, you get a streamlined experience. There’s no need to root your device, you can download videos right in the app, and everything just works.


So in conclusion, if you’re a music lover and YouTube lover, YouTube Red is absolutely worth it! I switched to it from Spotify Premium because I love YouTube, and Google Play Music offers everything that Spotify does. It was a win/win, and I get some extra added features!

For a video version of this article, check out the video below:

Kevin Nether