The Andromium Superbook has been making waves all over the internet for offering a device wanted by all. It serves to replace traditional laptop computing, with it serving as a shell to run an Android smartphone’s operating system. More details on the device can be found here.

Today, after a week or so of anticipation, Andromium are launching their Kickstarter campaign in order to make the product a reality for the future. Their feature video goes on to highlight the Superbook’s key aspects and how it is unique from others:

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, there are various packages to support their campaign which come from anywhere between $5 to $9900. But some early bird packages might be interesting for a product of this nature which are listed below:


The Superbook (Gold) with 1 custom USB-OTG cord and our undying love

AND as an early bird, you get it shipped first.


  • The Superbook (Gold)
  • Custom USB-OTG Cord
  • Charging Adapter
  • Our Undying Love ❤️


The Superbook Special bundle, exclusive to our Kickstarter backers.

Includes the Superbook in your choice of Gold or Blue (special KS edition), our full accessories package, including a universal side mount for your smartphone, and the beta access club membership.

AND as an early bird, you get it shipped first.


  • The Superbook (Your choice of color between Gold and Blue)
  • Universal Side Mount for Smartphones
  • The Custom Cord Bundle (2x Type-C & 2x Micro-B)
  • Charging Adapter
  • Beta Access Club Membership
  • Our Undying Love ❤️

For more awesome bundles, definitely visit the campaign page and convey your interest by contributing here. All orders for the devices will be shipped starting January 2017 approximately so look out for future coverage on the website.

Kevin Nether