Every year a new iPhone is released and in the past 2 years, multiple models have gotten released. There are always leaks that get released where most are not real, but there are a few that turn out to be real. We will never know what is true or not until the release, but earlier we were shown a leak that seems to be very realistic.

iphone-6As most of you may already know the iPhone’s cellular antennas right now are on the back, right below the camera and on the bottom. They have been there for a while in different forms since the iPhone 5. With the iPhone 6, Apple decided to keep the color one tone so they put the antenna bands around the top and bottom bars.


The new leaked design of the iPhone now suggests that the bands will be now removed from the back of the phone and it will go around the top and the bottom edges of the phone.


iphone-7-leaked-bastille (1)Another leak that just came out was the camera on the back being a dual camera instead of a single. Personally, I think that the phone looks a lot closer to the LG G5 which was recently introduced with the dual camera.  I don’t actually like the look of this, because iPhones have always been sleek and look very elegant, and this just looks a little off to me. We are not even sure if this is what the iPhone will look like, so we will have to wait and see.

Overall I’m still iffy on whether this is a great move for Apple, because the mono tone color and antenna placement that the iPhone will have will be awesome, but the camera looks weird. Hopefully Apple will make it look super nice and clean on the device. If you have any comments  regarding the recent rumors, let me know in the comment section below.