How many pictures do you take every day? Many of them will be discarded and the remaining will be modified thanks to all the fancy filters and stickers built in the apps installed on your smartphone. But in the end, they are always the same filters: sepia, black and white or Sierra, Valencia and Juno. Now, with a new app called Prisma, your photos will take a new dimension. Thanks to this app social networks are now full of pictures that have the appearance of artwork. And it is causing a stir among smartphone users.

Prisma is an application for mobile devices that allows you to apply different filters to your photos to create small works of art. It is available for both iOS and Android here.

One of the most important and innovative aspects of the app is that it uses a unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, which helps convert photos into timeless art. This is thanks to the filters we apply on the photos we have in our mobile device. For now, the app has 36 filters ranging from comic to urban art style, but the company has already said that they are working to launch new filters soon. These filters are inspired by the style of painters such as Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch, Vincent van Gogh, Lichtenstein, Mondrian or styles such as Impressionism.

The app is very easy and intuitive to use, you just have to give access to the gallery and, once you choose the image you want to modify, select the filter you want so that later you can save it or share it on Instagram, Facebook , Pinterest, or whatever social media you prefer.

Prisma has managed to reach one million downloads since its launch in late June, and just nine days after the launch users posted over 200,000 images on Instagram with the tag #prisma. The founder of this new photography trend is Alexey Moiseenkov, a Russian businessman who is just 25 years old.

Go ahead and download the app here and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Kevin Nether