Smartwatches, Health monitors, Pedometers, and Activity trackers are all part of an emerging market of wearable technology. They all promises to change the way we exercise, communicate, and simply live.

At CES 2016 in January, we saw Casio unveil their first Android Wear smartwatch known as the Smart Outdoor Watch (WSD-F10). The watch is nothing like the Moto 360, Huawei watch or even the Apple watch. Instead, it’s made for people who are eager to explore and are adventurous as the “Smart Outdoor Watch” name suggests. The watch sports US military standard shock and dust resistance, and is waterproof up to 50m. It comes in colors like green, orange, black, and red.



The watch boasts a 320 x 300 1.32-inch LCD display which puts out 332 pixels per inch. The watch is built strongly and has  a stainless steel body, mineral glass, and a urethane wristband. The choice of the materials, makes this watch the most rugged smartwatch available right now. It can take a beating if you happen to hit it against walls, rocks, drop it on concrete, etc. during your adventures.

All this put together is a really good package considering the watch is a fully functional smartwatch that runs Android Wear! The screen also comes with a second monochrome display feature, that can be used instead of the colored display. The monochrome display will help with battery life and instead of the single day, will provide you with exceptional battery life that is said to last for a month!

This comes with some downfalls though. When the monochrome screen is being used, all the sensors stop working. This is a power saving feature that will definitely help in getting THAT battery life.

The watch is priced at $499 and is now available through the Google Store

Kevin Nether