If you had your eyes on Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram profile yesterday, you would quickly realise that the Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg is just as privacy concerned as the rest of us. A recent photo shared by Facebook’s CEO accidentally revealed that he covers his laptops webcam and microphone for extra security.

The image posted on his profile was subjected to celebrate Instagram’s latest milestone of 500 million monthly users (Which is an interesting feat on its own), but it wasn’t long until the gurus on the Internet quickly noticed the modified laptop sitting behind Mr. Berg. What we can analyse from the image is a small piece of tape covering the main front facing camera above the display and a second piece along the left side appears to block off the microphone jack.

From what we can see, it is not possible to confirm that that is indeed Mark’s MacBook. However, Gizmodonotes that it does appear to be his actual desk. He apparently sat in the same spot last year while recording a video which included a detailed tour of the desk.


So does this mean that Mark is concerned about outer sources spying on him or does he not like to see himself every time he mistakenly opens up PhotoBooth? In any case, it seems quite logical for such a high profile CEO to have these types of concerns.

What do you think about this controversy? What are you theories on the placement of the tape? Get out of the box and comment a creative explanation for everyone to read.

Kevin Nether