I have had the HTC 10 for about a month now, so I have a pretty tight grip on what I like, and dislike about the smartphone. Today, I will be sharing my favorite features on HTC’s latest flagship and whether they were enough to win me over.


Without too much inspection, one can already tell that the HTC 10 is rocking a spectacular build quality and is built like a tank. It feels very nice in the hand and even though it is slightly heavier than some of the other phones on the market, I enjoy holding it. I have dropped the phone a couple of times, but it shows no damage which is impressive.

The next thing I enjoyed when using this device was the button placement and even though the volume rocker could have been moved to the left side for an even better experience, the HTC 10 button placement is still pretty good. I really enjoy the textured power/lock buttons on the device, which allow for a distinct difference between the volume rocker and power button. This definitely aids ease of use.HTC-10-Dbrand-5

The speakers on the HTC 10 are also worth mentioning, even though they are not front facing anymore. They still sound excellent when consuming media and if you want a device for entertainment, the speakers are the reason I would recommend this smartphone. Their quality is unbeatable!

On the topic of audio, HTC have included a high quality headphone jack on the 10, which has great audio quality and I really enjoy using it with my ATH-M50X’s. The audio jack although a minor change shows great improvement in audio quality and makes my headphones sound more premium than they actually are.


And lastly, the cameras. They include a variety of features in the application and capture great photos and video. The Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) is good and I can recommend the camera to any YouTube vlogger who is aiming to start off with an easy to use camera.

These are my favorite things about the HTC 10, I have really enjoyed this phone through the time I had it and I can definitely recommend if you are due for a phone upgrade. Stay tuned to the site for more content!

Kevin Nether