I’ve challenged myself to do something that I never thought I would; I am going to use only Apple products for a month. 

It’s about week two and I’m feeling pretty good about my choice. I’m running iOS 10 Developer Beta 1 on an iPhone 6s Plus (in rose gold!). I am loving it so far. I’m usually not a fan of big phones, but you get so much more with the Plus model of iPhones. You get better battery, screen resolution, and OIS.

Also, my daily computer is a MacBook Pro with mostly high-end specs. I recently added 128 more gigabytes to my built-in 128GB drive by using the TarDisk Pear. It expands your current memory by inserting a small SSD-like flash drive into your SD reader port. It’s flush with the body, and I forget it’s even there sometimes. If you want to check out these for your MacBook Pro or Air, click here. You won’t regret it!

TarDisk Pear
TarDisk Pear

I’m also about to invest in a new Apple TV. I sold my old 3rd Gen, and I’m planning on getting the newest one very soon. I hope they don’t come out with another one until 2017; this will make me regret my decision.

I also went all out and got the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard as well! The Magic Keyboard is okay, but needs more depth to the keys. I love the Magic Mouse. There are no complaints there! Very cool scrolling and clicking. It’s kind of different not having actual buttons to press, though.

I plan to keep this up, using the Apple ecosystem, for another month or so. I know the betas will get better, and eventually I’ll install MacOS Sierra on my MacBook Pro when it’s stable enough.

Side note: I do like both Android and Apple, so this is not me leaning wholly toward Apple forever. I do still have a Nexus 6P with Android N on it, as I’ve explained in this article. This is simply a test of my will to stay within an ecosystem that I don’t usually stay in for long. It will also probably make me appreciate being able to use both a bit more!

Leave your comments below as to what you use daily, and if there is anything I should add to my ecosystem of Apple products.