We encounter “pi” almost everywhere, representing the ratio between a circle’s circumference and diameter. The number 3.1415… (insert a trillion more digits here) is irrational in nature, meaning it cannot be represented as a ratio which went against Pythagoras’ theory of all numbers being rational or “divine”. It is believed that one of his students, Hippasus of Metapontum spoke about the discovery of irrational numbers which consequently ended in him being drowned to death.

All history aside, the first three digits of “pi” make today’s date in most places – by most, I mean the United States, making 3/14 of any year officially “pi” day. Mathematicians have really gone too far. Some argue that “pi” as a fraction is 22/7 making “pi” day officially on the 22nd of July, but alas, that would be 0.04% inaccurate — simply, pi doesn’t equal 22/7 …nerds.

As boring as it may sound though, companies have gotten in on spreading the message and there are quite a lot of things going on so you might want to keep your eyes peeled. Of course, pie in a few retail outlets has been discounted by $3.14 but Pizza Hut is even giving you the chance of winning 3 year’s worth of pizza supply here. If you’re more of the Domino’s person, they’ve discounted their pizzas by 50% for the next week if you order online.

The biggest deal in technology has to be by SanDisk, discounting their products by up to 70% here, where you could score yourself a 200GB microSD card for $60 ($59.99 because being accurate is key today).

So go out there, have a slice of discounted pie and get yourself that ridiculous amount of storage that you always wanted but couldn’t spend on it. Should more companies promote “pi” day in the coming years, or do you see this  trend dying down in the future? Let us know in the comments section down below!

Kevin Nether