It seems that HTC have created a smartphone that will make them big again. People were not buying their phones due to things like the camera, but it seems that HTC has changed that with their new UltraPixel 2. This is a 12MP shooter which can also record in 4K. The camera on the phone itself was classed as the best by HTC themselves, but also what they stated seems to be true as it ties with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on DxOMark. From DxOMark, the new HTC 10 had received an amazing 88 out of 100.

The HTC One M7’s, from years past, camera was not the best at all, when HTC had first introduced their UltraPixel camera. They had implemented what seemed to be a great camera on paper, but it had quite a few flaws such as the camera producing images with a blue tint and simply not great in everyday shooting. However, their new device may be the game changer that HTC needs.

You can see from the table above what categories DxOMark had used to judge how well the camera on this device had done. For both photo and video, the HTC 10’s camera did well in exposure and contrast, color, noise and artifacts. The camera did better in photo for autofocus and texture, though than video. There were some problems with autofocus in video for some reason. DxOMark states that the camera on this device does excellent and beats many devices on the market.  On average, the camera itself had got 88 which is why it had tied up with the Galaxy S7 Edge. Despite the flaws, in real world use the camera has done quite great and makes up to all the hard work HTC had previous put into their cameras.

Are you going to be getting the HTC 10?

Source: DxOMark